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Heritage Parc is a non-profit arts and culture organization committed to enriching lives and building community through the arts with a special focus on the disadvantaged youth and North side of Lafayette. Heritage Parc will implement dance classes, music, fine arts, mentoring, recreation, and other services at a substantially reduced cost or no cost at all.

Our Impact

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 Project L.E.A.P.

A week-long performing, visual, and creative arts intensive for multi-level young artists filled with creativity, education, and fun. 

Heritage Parc College Scholarship

Awarded to High School Seniors pursuing a college degree with previous training in the arts.

Why the Arts

Researchers have found that students with high participation in the arts outperform peers with low arts participation on measures of academic and civic outcomes.

  • Positive Impact on Academic Achievement and Civic Behavior - High arts participation is positively connected with “school grades, test scores, honors society membership, high school graduation, college enrollment and achievement, volunteering, and engagement in school or local politics,” as well as with higher rates of participation in extracurricular activities in high school and college. “High school students who earned few or no arts credits,” for example, “were five times more likely not to have graduated than students who earned many arts credits”
  • Improved Long-Term Outcomes- Intensive arts experiences for at-risk youth correlates to academic and civic engagement levels close to or exceeding those of the general population. Additionally, the researchers have found that aspirations for college attainment and professional careers are positively related to arts participation, and that adults with previous arts engagement are more likely to be in occupations that require post-secondary education.
  • Biggest Benefits for At-Risk Students - Although researchers have found a positive relationship between arts and increased civic participation for high socio-economic status youth, the strongest positive relationship between arts engagement and academic outcomes occurs in low socio-economic status youth with high-arts participation.

Catterall, J. S., Dumais, S. A., & Hampden-Thompson, G. (2012). The arts and achievement in at-risk youth: Findings from four longitudinal studies. Washington, DC: National Endowment for the Arts.